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        Jump to Academy Conferences: Gifted and Talented

        Philosophy and Ethics Student Conference - One day events for senior students

        Academy Conferences runs the top Philosophy and Ethics days in the UK and Australasia. These intensive one-day programs of short lectures give senior students the opportunity to experience exceptional quality learning with expert lecturers. Students are offered access to a range of opportunities that will complement, deepen and extend their learning in school. Academy Conferences offers the largest series of national conferences in Australia and the UK and has an established track record for stretching and exciting students.

        'I can confidently say that she is an excellent and popular speaker.'
        Keith Ward, Regius Professor Emeritus, Oxford University

        'STUNNING, in every way! I thoroughly enjoyed Julie's thought-provoking presentations. I was so impressed with the breadth and depth of Julie's knowledge and understanding in so many different disciplines.'
        Phil Tarrant, Teacher, Padare Christian College Adelaide

        'My only complaint was that I wanted to hear each of the presentations over again!'
        Sarah Kirk, Teacher, Christchurch Boys High School

        Readiness for Moral Decision Making

        Now more than ever, senior students are being tested with ethical challenges. Academy Conferences study days are designed to complement and enrich school philosophical programs and to offer a provision which takes students well beyond traditional school subject matter. The experience of schools is that these study days challenge and engage the brightest minds and give a renewed sense of impetus to students for their own learning.

        'Our students were totally enthused on the coach back to Sheffield. So much so I postponed my planned lesson with them this morning and did a P4C lesson based on yesterday.'
        Jayne Irwin, Teacher, Tapton School, Sheffield

        'I found the presentations thoroughly captivating and found that I gained considerable knowledge from the experience.'
        Sarah Mills, Student, Genazzano FCJ College

        'The word has spread and now I have students wanting to get in on it!'
        Julieanne Eggleton, Teacher, Sydney Boys High School

        Essential Viewing!

        Oxford university has launched a YouTube site with FREE new resources designed for use in school. This is the beginning of a major outreach initiative.

        The first three videos are short introductions to the idea of special divine action. The project leader, and commentator in each short video, is Dr Andrew Pinsent, who is Research Director at the IRC in Oxford and a popular speaker for Academy Conferences. He is a former CERN physicist with doctorates in both Particle Physics and Philosophy. He is currently a member of the Theology/Philosophy faculty at Oxford. Click the button to watch a three minute introduction to the topic of miracles. Can they happen? Why should anybody believe that they do?

        Essential Reading!

        You can receive a free electronic copy of "Beyond Matter: Why Science Needs Metaphysics" by Professor Roger Trigg, St Cross College, Oxford. This is an excellent read for those interested in the importance of philosophy for science.

        Please click on the link below to access this book FREE of charge or to order a hard copy.

        Teacher's Residential 2016: Buy the DVD. Click here.
        Buy the t-shirt. Click here.

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